Compagnie des Caoutchoucs du Pakidié (CCP) – SA (Public limited company) with a board of directors and a capital of CFA-, whose head office is in Abidjan 01 BP 1191 Abidjan, registered under the number  R.C.C.M. : CI–ABJ  -1962-B-485.

The former subsidiary of the SCOA group, the Compagnie des Caoutchoucs du Pakidié was acquired in 1984 by Mr. Fulgence KOFFY, then      General Manager.


Since its creation in 1960, CCP has been involved in rubber cultivation: planting rubber trees, processing, transformation and sale of granulated rubber.

Since then, CCP has experienced a dramatic development, going from a production for export of about 4000 tons to more than 40,000 tons thanks to its two factories located in DABOU and SIKENSI. The increase in the production of processed rubber is the result of tax fundraising (natural latex from rubber plants) from the CCP plantations and purchases from private producers.


In the early 1970s, CCP set up a subsidiary called Manufacture des Caoutchoucs de Côte d’Ivoire -MACACI – which specializes in the manufacture of natural latex foam-rubber mattresses, bedding accessories and balloons.

Since its creation, MACACI has positioned itself as a leader in the bedding market due to the Quality, Resistance and Comfort of its products. After more than four decades of presence in its market segment, MACACI continues to offer quality products, recognized and attested, for the happiness of its customers.


The Compagnie des Caoutchoucs du Pakidié (CCP), a pioneer in bedding in Côte d’Ivoire, has been marketing its mattresses under the label "MACACI" for several decades with the exclusivity of a unique technology: The manufacture of 100% natural latex mattresses.

NB : It is important to distinguish MACACI natural latex mattresses from chemical polyurethane foam-rubber mattresses (ordinary foam and blue foam).


MACACI, always on the lookout for innovation for the well-being of its customers, offers today a wide range of bedding and bedding accessories based on the triptych QUALITY- COMFORT-LONG LIFE.

MACACI "100% natural latex" bedding remains the benchmark in high-end comfort. Our mattresses made from natural latex offer an ecological aspect that combines flexibility, softness and firmness.


Based on specific and controlled manufacturing procedures, our mattresses are produced from latex harvested in our plantations. This approach offers the guarantee of quality for the raw material in order o produce mattresses complying with the standards of density in latex, much more resistant and offering an unequalled comfort.


MACACI mattresses, "Soft" or "Firm" according to your preference, do not deform, but rather offer the same texture and rigidity over a minimum of ten years.

The mattress support keeps your body balanced and allows you to sleep serenely on your side while keeping your spine well supported and straight.


MACACI mattresses are characterized by their cells. This technology offers various advantages, such as :
  • softness for a restful softness with a cocoon effect
  • the elasticity that perfectly follows the curves of your body, ensuring a good support
  • the ventilation of the mattress which offers a constant freshness         
  • the texture based on natural latex anti mites, anti bacteria         
  • permanent density for prolonged use.